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The last diet you will ever go on!

Submit your before and after pictures to be added to our remarkable wall of success gallery.


I just wanted to contact you and thank you for your awesome website. I attribute it to my success in weight loss. 
To date I have lost 90 pounds and have never felt better. My wife lost approx 30 pounds and is now rocking the little black dress :-) 

Thank you HCG Diet Canada for the advice and recipes!


I just wanted to tell you how amazingly impressed I am with the diet. I have been on the diet for 1 week, and I feel great. I have lost 12.2LBS and it shows. I don't feel hungry, I have no cravings and its been fantastic. 

Since having my second child, its been difficult to lose the excess weight. I had tried everything, and nothing worked until now. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. 

I have also enjoyed visiting this site, for it's helpful hint and tips.

Its kept me motivated. 

Thank you!

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