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Possible side effects of the Diet

Side effects are few and minor but being forewarned is being forarmed. Don’t be surprised if you experience any of the following easily alleviated side effects:

Headache is fairly common during the 500-calorie diet, especially in the first seven days. You may take medication to treat headache. Any readily-available, over-the-counter pain medication is fine.
* During the first seven days, a few people have experienced mild dizziness. Increase your B12 intake for a few days and this should alleviate this light-headed feeling. We recommend sub-lingual B12 Supplements.

* It is not unusual for bowel movements to occur less frequently on a low-calorie diet, even just once every 3 or 4 days. Although this is not actual constipation, some people do experience real constipation. You should take a mild, sugar-free laxative if this happens to you.We recommend magnesium. 
* Because of the low levels of potassium in the low-calorie diet, leg cramps sometimes occur. You can easily treat this side effect by taking regular potassium supplements.

* Whenever your body consumes fat, normal toxins are released into your body and eventually eliminated. Because of the breakneck speed at which your body consumes fat stores on the diet, these toxins can build up, resulting in a minor rash or pimples before being eliminated.

If you experience any symptom that seems excessive or a serious headache that lasts longer than a week, you must visit with a health professional.

Side effects occur with a very small percentage of dieters and are typically mild. Even though some symptoms may be troublesome, dieters should focus on their daily weight loss achievements to help them make it through and the symptoms usually disappear after the first week at the latest.


Any side-effects can easily be eliminated with over-the-counter supplements or medications. Now that you know about the possible side effects, if one does strike, you will be easily armed to handle it.

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