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How to be Successful on the hCG Diet

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Many people ask how to 'do the hCG diet'. Here is a quick and easy summary to clarify and ensure your success on the diet.


- Read the detailed 7 page hCG diet manual included in your kit. 


- Start taking your hCG Diet Canada drops the same day as you start fat loading. If you are a woman make sure it is minimum 10 days BEFORE the start of your menstrual cycle OR the first day after your cycle ends.

Now you are ready to begin the 'Phases" of the hCG Diet.

hcg diet canada,real hcg drops,buy Canadian weight loss
days 1 & 2 on the drops

The first two days of you taking the hCG drops. 

It is VERY important that on these two days you eat a high fat, high caloric diet.

Think of your body as building a 'fat melting bonfire' inside of it and it needs fatty foods as kindling. The bigger the fire, the more fat melted.

Eat these foods to your heart's content

  • cheesecake with whipped cream

  • butter & peanut butter

  • chicken wings & dip

  • bacon & eggs fried in bacon grease

  • avocado & mayonnaise

  • pork ribs & sausages

  • cashews & macadamia nuts

  • poutine (fries with gravy & cheese curds)

  • ice cream (Dairy Queen Blizzards anyone?)

  • hamburger with lots of cheese & bacon

  • canned sardines or fish & chips or both!

hcg diet canada,real hcg drops,buy Canadian weight loss

The first day is fun but the second harder because the hCG will have kicked in & taken away your hunger & cravings. You will see that it is ACTUALLY HARD to eat those high fat foods on the second day! Your success is dependent on fat loading so don't take it lightly.

Welcome to the wonders of hCG....

 days 3 thru 21-43 on the drops

After your two fat loading days you continue to take your drops 6 times per day but now only eat according to Dr Simeons' Protocol.

Use oil-free moisturizer and refrain from wearing lipstick and make-up, unless it is mineral make-up.

You must drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day (4 bottles). 

The VLCD (very low calorie diet)

What you can eat daily:

- each meal may be divided into snacks if desired
- no substitutions

(each meal consists of the following)

  • one 100 gram (3.5oz) serving of protein  (see list of approved proteins below)

  • one 100 gram (3.5oz) serving of vegetables  (see list of approved vegetables below)

  • one serving of fruit  (see list of approved fruit below)

  • one Melba toast or Grissini bread stick

hcg diet canada,real hcg drops,buy Canadian weight loss

lean steak or veal, lean ground beef, buffalo, chicken breast (skinless/boneless), Chilean sea bass, flounder, sole, halibut, lobster, crab, shrimp

Meat Substitutes (per serving)
1/2 cup non-fat cottage cheese, eggs (1 whole + 3 whites per serving), or 1 Whey Protein Shake (0-2 carbs)


Vegetables (100 grams of any 1 vegetable below per serving)
asparagus, beet greens, cabbage, celery, chard, chicory greens, cucumbers, fennel, lettuce, onion, red radishes, spinach, tomato


apple, orange (not a tangerine), 1/2 grapefruit, strawberries (6 large or 10 medium). 

Optional Daily Items
You can can have as much as you want of any of the following items:
coffee, dry teas, natural sweeteners like pure stevia or xylitol, juice of 1 lemon, 1 TBSP milk, salt, pepper, herbs, spices (no sugars), chicken broth (no fat/sugar, low sodium), Frank's Original Hot Sauce, vinegars (not wine, rice or balsamic), Bragg's Liquid Amino Acids, mustard (water/mustard seed/vinegar).

Click HERE to learn why you don't drop pounds every day but still burn fat.
Click HERE for hCG Diet approved Phase 2 recipes.

Stay on the VLCD for a MINIMUM of 19 days (21 days of drops) and for a MAXIMUM of 43 days for any one Round of the hCG Diet. Staying on the treatment for a minimum of 21 days is important for permanent weight loss and necessary to reset your hypothalamus. What's that & why is it so important?

Click HERE to find out!

Once you have achieved your desired weight OR reached 43 days of taking the hCG drops then you stop taking the drops and go on to PHASE 3 (below).

hcg diet canada,real hcg drops,buy Canadian weight loss
The 3 days following your last day of drops

STOP taking the drops but continue eating the low calorie VLCD diet for three more days following your last day of drops. You will continue losing weight. This stage allows the body to cleanse itself of hCG while you get continued weight loss benefits.

You may experience your hunger coming back once you stop the drops. This is totally normal. Try to stick to the VLCD thru the three days but if you are starving then eat more of the VLCD approved foods (protein, vegetables, melba toast, fruit).

hcg diet canada,real hcg drops,buy Canadian weight loss
21 days following Phase 3

Slowly increase calorie intake during the three weeks following the last day of your low calorie diet (VLCD). It is recommended to stay away from starches & sugars when possible.

1.  weigh yourself every morning as you did during the hCG Phases 1-3. You MUST STAY within two pounds up or down from your final weight reached on the diet.

2.  if you gain more then two pounds from that achieved weight immediate do a 'steak and apple day'. On the morning that you are up more than 2 lbs don't eat anything that day until dinner and each a large steak with a raw tomato or an apple.

3.  if you lose more than 2 lbs from your final attained weight then increase caloric intake.

There are three simple rules

hcg diet canada,real hcg drops,buy Canadian weight loss

You need to stay at that final weight achieved on the last day of Phase 3 for 21 days for your body to learn its new weight. I like to think of it as your hardening time, just like pottery takes time to cure, so does your body at its new weight.

Click HERE for an explanation of the extremely important 'Maintenance Stage'.

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